Up to my eyes. Literally.

In case you hadn’t noticed, or I have ever failed to tell you, I am a beauty junkie. New moisturiser on the market – I’ll buy it. BB cream from a new brand – I’ll give it a go. Lash extensions? Well I don’t mind if I do thanks very much. I like wearing false lashes but usually I limit them to special occasions, I haven’t been one to wear them on a daily basis. On a little press trip down to the lovely salon in Greystones, Co. Wicklow called Up to My Eyes, I got to try out the mother of all lash extension and brow treatments. The salon is a girly heaven and offers all salon treatments you would expect to find, as well as being the leaders in the field in lashes! To get the full effect, I opted for the most dramatic lashes, with up to 350 lashes applied on each eye. The lashes are made of mink,  a silk which is durable and easy to apply. The whole process takes about one and a half hours but if you block out some time for yourself to have the treatment, it is indeed very relaxing and you are certainly made to feel very comfortable.

up to my eyes

The end result brings a whole new meaning to “batting your lashes”. My eyes look more open and I actually find that the lashes draw a lot more attention to my eyes in general. So I have been testing this by not wearing any make up and honestly my face looks different in the best possible way. I will definitely keep this up! Refills are due about every six weeks. A full set similar to mine cost €120 and refills are €50. So tot up how much you spend on falsies over a year and this is definitely a saving.

After the lashes, I moved onto brows, HD Brows to be exact, one of the hottest brow treatments around. I have very fair eye brows and I am constantly pencilling them in. With the shape I went for something that will build up some thickness and my therapist shaped them so that each brow will grow into this shape. The tint is a dark brown but doesn’t come out too dark, but is noticeable. The next time I might try something a little darker so they make my eyes pop even more! HD Brows take about an hour and cost €50.


All in all, the salon is beautiful, is only a 30 minute drive or DART from Dublin and makes for a lovely little treat.

Up To My Eyes, Theatre Lane, Greystones, Co. Wicklow