Tutorial: How to apply red lip liner

How to apply red lip liner

I love red lipstick, but it’s so hard to apply. So in this post I wanted to show you how to apply red lip liner, my way. This is a handy one as it takes less than two minutes and with a good lip liner, you don’t even need the lipstick. In the pictures below I am using a lip liner from Primark in red (it costs €1.50) and it’s brilliant as it’s very soft so it goes on very easily. But you can use any red lip liner you like.

Step 1. Cupid’s Bow

Line your cupid’s bow with an “X” from the top of your lip diagonally down on both sides.
How to apply red lip liner

Step 2. Lower lip

Line your lower lip from the centre point out about a third of the way, and the same on the other side.

How to apply red lip liner

Step 3. Dot!

Add two small dots or draw two small lines on the outer edge of your upper lips.

How to apply red lip liner

Step 4. Tidy up

Tidy up the untouched parts of your lips by joining up the dots to the cupid’s bow, then to the edges. Do the same to the lower lips. Then just fill in!

How to apply red lip liner

You can finish off this look by adding in a clear gloss to the centre of both your lips to make them look fuller, but I like the matte liner effect on it’s own.

See? Easy.



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  1. May 16, 2016 / 5:10 pm

    Great tips! I usually outline it first before filling up my lips. It makes the perfect shape and easiest way to apply it on my lips.