Tried and Tested! Pantene Pro V Breakage Defence – it’s good!

Pantene Breakage Defence

Keeping your hair strong and healthy while we style it is of utmost importance. Thankfully those clever people at Pantene know this and have just released a new range called Pro-V Breakage Defence system to do exactly that, defend. The new range has a root to tip strength complex to protect the hair’s core for us to be able to go about our daily hair routines safely.

Pantene Breakage Defence

The theory behind the range is to neautralise excessive amounts of copper in hair. The range aims to protect proteins in hair to keep it healthy when we wash, dry and style it. We tend to put a lot of heat on our hair which ultimately causes damage so we need to ensure the products we use protect it. I have been using the shampoo and conditioner and have found a dramatic change in how my hair feels after just two uses. The combination should make my hair more resistant to breakage. By using the Instant Hair Strength Tonic, we can add strength and up to 40% more fullness. There’s also a deep conditioning treatment which you need to leave in for two minutes for an intense treatment as well. By using the whole programme, I’ve found my hair to be so much stronger, even as I style it with straighteners and curling irons daily.

This stuff is great and compared to premium ranges, I think it’s incredible value for money. The shampoo and conditioner have an RRP of €5.19 each; the intensive conditioner is €5.89 and the instant tonic is just €9.09. Give it a go!