Tried and Tested: John Frieda and Soap and Glory!

First up in my new category, Tried and Tested, is John Frieda Full Repair. Adding to the collection of amazing products, Mr. Frieda and his pals at the salon have come up with a super range of products to protect your hair as you style. Available in shampoo, conditioner, masque and treatments especially for your ends, after using these for a few weeks my hair definitely looks shinier and my ends are no longer dry. Plus styling my hair has become easier; the products help to manipulate your locks to whatever style you want!

John Frieda Full Repair

Try this for healthier hair!

Next up it’s onto my skin. I have to admit I am a bad example of someone who does not moisturize enough. I am always in a rush in the morning so I do tend to skip that part of the morning routine. But having tried soap and glory body butter, I am totally changed. This goes onto wet skin, lightly rub in until absorbed and then dry away. My skin felt so soft with a lovely floral smell and stayed that way all day. Have a go at this, and see a dramatic change in how your skin feels in just a few days.

soap and glory

The whole range is amazing!