Training. Well as best I can.

The annual get fit campaign started back in January (no surprises there) and to date it’s going well, except for the fact that I should really start running and training for the Mini Marathon. I will be running it for a great charity (you’ll hear about that soon) which I am very excited about. I have run the 10k route for the last four years and this year is no different. I am aiming to run it in just under an hour, not sure if I will be successful but we will give it a go! Before I take to the foot paths of South County Dublin, I need to kit myself out with some decent trainers. I find that I have always picked incorrectly when it comes to running gear and so I have now learned from my mistakes. On my hit list is the latest collection from Adidas. All of my current gym attire is Adidas as it fits my body shape and it’s super comfy. But I am in the market for some new trends! I’ve had a scan and picked my edit of the Adidas SS13!

Coming to a gym near you (worn by me, obviously):

Adidas SS13

Addidas SS13


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  1. Rachel Montague-Ebbs
    March 27, 2013 / 8:02 pm

    My fav running gear too! Good luck with the training and the run