My Top Workout Wear Picks for 2017

Workout wear 2017

From top left: “Run” T-shirt, New Look; Pink Outdoor Running Jacket, Penneys; Black running leggings; Penneys; Nike Free Trainers, Lifestyle Sports; “Start Now” leggings, H&M; “When in Doubt Workout” top, River Island; Sports Bra, H&M 

Have you joined the gym, signed up for 10 pilates classes or trying a boxing class? Look, we are all at it. Adding in the fitness routine to our daily lives. It’s tough to find the time, but as someone who embarked on the whole fitness buzz in 2016, it’s well worth it for your body and your mind. Classes and gyms aren’t exactly cheap either, so we want to see how we can save. I train in a lot of high street workout wear and I find them great. The one thing I don’t compromise on is my footwear so I invest in runners to suit whatever workout I am doing to protect my feet. Nike, Adidas, Asics are all the best in the business, and the best thing to do is go to a sports store, LifeStyle Sports who provide Gait Analysis tests to see what you need for your fitness routine. I do my strength and conditioning in Skechers Performance trainers as they work for my gait, as well as keeping my feet on the right points for lifting. Running, I wear Asics as a tend to run on the outside of my feet so they have arch support to fix that. Everyone has different shoe needs. 

As for the clothes, then it’s all down to budget. I love H&M’s sports bras, they have great support for medium training sessions and they cost less than €20. For training bottoms, Penneys have so many to choose from and their new workout wear SS17 range is bright, with every key piece you could need. I find these wash really well, and since most are under €15, you don’t need to splash out on a premium brand. Adding to their main clothing line last year, River Island launched RI Active, and their lightweight training tops are comfortable, especially for classes like spinning or HIIT where you work up quite a sweat. For anyone who wants to venture outdoors, Penneys and New Look’s ranges of light jackets are great and they have plenty of pockets to store your phone and keys when you’re out running or walking. 

I try and budget about €100-120 for runners which last me about eight to nine months as I use them a lot. And as for workout wear itself, €40 should get you kitted out! 

If you like any of the pieces I’ve chosen you can shop the looks right here: 

New Look Top –

Nike “Free” –  & at LifeStyle Sports

River Island Top –

Penneys and H&M pieces are available in stores nationwide.