top three high street jeans

top three high street jeans

Yeah I have a problem with jeans as you can see. So I thought I would elaborate and give you my top three high street jeans that I wear across all the images you see on my blog and instagram. Jeans are in my daily uniform; I should probably vary it up but you see I find I feel and dress like me when I am wearing any of the above pairs. I can honestly say I have repeat bought these three for several years in the case of 1. and 2, and the new discovery is at 3. The pair at number one are the all round perfect skinny; River Island’s Amelie in dark wash will take you anywhere in any weather or season. I have two pairs at all times which I wash and wear repeatedly with little or no fade. They are super stretchy and high waisted, two things I love in skinny jeans. They are permanently in stock at the store and online so once you try them and like them, it’s a case of updating. Number two moves into “boyfriend”, “girlfriend” or “mom”; basically whatever relative you want to name them. Whatever the name, the loose fit, nineties style of denim came back with a bang, but it was hard to find a pair that didn’t make my hips look huge. Then came along Oasis Alex and all answers were provided. I love these in dark denim as they look a bit dressy, and they are not too tight on my thighs which normally happens with this cut. The denim is soft, and slouchy and great for tucked in tees and trainers. For warmer weather, look no further than Penneys’ Retro fit jeans in white for a mere €17. I love them so much I bought two. They are a thick denim which is a must when it comes to white as they aren’t see through like some styles are. They aren’t a skinny but have a straight fit that’s cropped the ankles. I’ve had so many lovely comments about these on my instagram feed, so they were an absolute must-mention in my top three high street jeans post! 


All the above are in stores now, and I have included some affiliate links above if you want to make the purchase! If you have any denim questions just leave a comment below!