My top online shopping websites!

top online shopping websites

I love a bit of sofa shopping, and by that I don’t mean shopping for a two seater for the living room. Obvs. I refer to the practice of perusing shopping sites for something you want to buy. It’s kind of addictive and there are some ways to navigate them to save yourself from bankruptcy all because it’s just too easy to buy everything. I feel with shopping online I don’t seem to be spending money as I am not physically in a shop, but this could not be further from the truth. It. Can. Be. Dangerous. So if you want to shop online make sure you have an intent; as in, have a shopping list and stick to it. Do not be drawn into “you might also like this items” section, as that is like walking into a pit where your credit cards are burning. No, stay practical and also try and think of outfits you can make with the pieces you buy. They have to be worn with something, so it might as well be something you already have. Oh and that’s another point, do not buy duplicates or things you already have. Even if it’s similar. Pointless use of your hard earned cash. So, there are my rules guidelines and now for my top online shopping websites, in no particular order…


Net-A-Porter (Click here)

Oh the treasure trove of designer loveliness that is the world’s greatest online shopping destination. If I really want to torture myself and look at things I can’t afford I go to the “What’s New” section where some lovely pictures of lovely clothes appear. This week an Erdem pussy-bow blouse has been staring lovingly at me. But we can’t have a relationship. Then again, if it is pay day or you want to make an investment, you should look no further than the brainchild of Natalie Massenet (who I totally fan girl over when I see her at London Fashion Week).

Lyst (Click here)

This site is incredibly clever. It’s like an aggregation of clothes from lot’s of different websites in, well, one website. It does all the hard work for you especially if you are searching for a must have item that keeps alluding your clutch. This site has a lovely curated feel to it, and you can tailor your shopping experience to your needs. How delightful. Their beachwear category is currently amazing with so many designers to choose from.

Farfetch (Click here)

The name explains everything and it’s also the reason why it makes it to my top five online shopping go-tos. It basically collates products from boutiques all over the world into one place. I also find it’s a great place to find a bargain on a designer piece. I remember trying hunt down a top by Isabel Marant a few years ago and to no avail. But then through the magic of google I found Farfetch and low and behold, a boutique in Australia had it. Farfetching indeed.

ASOS (Click here)

Ah my weakness and one true love. I absolutely adore ASOS thanks to its abundance of high street product, as well as its own brand which never fails me. If you want a trendy outfit, something for a wedding, a small accessory, or even a vintage treasure, ASOS will pretty much always have it. Also, check out ASOS Marketplace which is full of independent retailers, a pretty genius idea.

Now there is only four above, but just a couple of my top online shopping websites which I think you’ll absolutely love. I apologise in advance to your bank balance.

Lorna. x