When Tommy Hilfiger decided to team up with supermodel Gigi Hadid for TOMMYXGIGI Fall 2016 collection, the stars all aligned. Mix the IT girl of the fashion world with the master of all things wearable fashion and the result is a fun, youthful, and incredibly wearable collection. As Tommy put it so well, it’s the old pieces, restyled and remixed. Looking back at the 30 year reign, and taking the key accents from nautical, sport and Americana, pairing this with the new age view of Gigi, and voilá, you are presented with a classic, yet street style inspired collection. Shown as part of NYFW Spring/Summer 2017, the TOMMYXGIGI collection is not about the future, but the present tense, hence the use of the clever hashtag, #TOMMYNOW. You want it now, you can have it now. A move which is being made by so many fashion houses, including the likes of Burberry. I wonder if this is how it’s going to be from here on in? As I head off to London this week coming for its shows and presentations, I am curious as to what to expect. But for now, let’s appreciate this forward thinking approach. The Hilfiger brand is stronger than ever; a new chapter has begun for TH, so let it pave the way. Thanks to the lovely team at Tommy Hilfiger, I have been given access to all the looks as they appeared on the catwalk, check them out in the gallery below.