Time for some make up reviews

I have been trying and testing some make up brands in search of the ultimate foundation and brush combination. I didn’t want to focus on just one brand so I went about a little research to find some new foundations and make up accessories from one or two places which you may not be familiar with. So let’s get back to basics, start with the first layer for my initial “flawless face”  make up tips blog post!

The brush

Blank Canvas Cosmetics

Make up brushes can be so expensive. I have, in the past, spent anything up to €60 for just one brush. So whenever I wanted one, I just added them to Christmas and Birthday wish lists. You will be delighted to hear that I have discovered a great new (and affordable) brush brand called Blank Canvas. I tried out the small blending brush for adding touch ups to my face. I use a duo fibre brush to apply my foundation (more on this below). Once applied, and also following the application of powder to set, I tried the blending brush around my eyes, cheekbones and also anywhere I applied concealer. This brush blended in make up into smaller creases in my face and helped to spread my make up really evenly. I also used it for contouring with bronzer around my cheeks; I found the brush soft to work with and it didn’t pile on the darker shade for contouring at all. The best part about this brush is the price, it’s only €7!

The foundation

La Creative make up

I have always gone between using my fingers and a MAC brush (190) to apply my foundation. But I wanted to find whether there is an optimum way to apply it. So I popped along to the professionals at LA Creative in Dublin to have a foundation master class and get some tips from the people who know! Make up artist, Laura Kinney, gave me the run through. Laura opted for a mineral based foundation from LA Creative’s own brand which suited my combination skin and we followed a few simple steps to achieve a flawless finish!

1) Assess your skin. Know what skin type you have and your skin tone to find a foundation that matches the requirements of your skin and can be blended in easily with no lines.

2) SPF is a must have, and check for a minimum of SPF 15 t o protect your skin.

3) The warm versus cold dilemma is something I did not understand so Laura talked me through this. Warmer tones have “pinker” colouring (i.e. me) and cold skin tones tend to be more sallow. I am very pale and tend to get redness on my cheeks so I found out I am Warm!

4) Test foundation on your jawline and not on your hands or wrist. The skin here is more aligned to your face.

5) Prep your skin with moisturiser or primer. Moisturiser should be applied hours in advance, but also watch out with primers as they can dehydrate your skin, so only a small amount is needed.

6) Now it’s time to apply. Buff the foundation onto your skin using a brush in circular motion which ensures the foundation covers your whole face.

7) To set, apply a translucent powder, firstly to your T-zone by firmly applying the powder to these areas. Powder can be applied loosely to other areas of your face which tend to be less oily.

LA Creative foundation masterclass


The result of this was a very luminous finish with good coverage, and I found my make up lasted much longer by applying it this way! Laura used the LA Creative Mineral foundation and loose powder for my demo (€51) and used a large round brush (€21).

So these are the basics! Try them out and let us know in the comments box how you got on!

Next up, it’s eyes!