Timberland Yellow Boots

Timberland yellow boots

I got my first pair of the iconic Timberland yellow boots when I was in my last year of primary school. It was May, heading towards the end of my primary education, and when I first started to define my style. I was a jeans-wearing, lumberjack shirt-loving kind of eleven year old and casual styling was just my thing. Little did I know that twenty years later, my fascination with the boots would reappear. I think we have Rihanna and Cara Delevingne to blame for this reincarnation, and reinvention of a boot that has always been associated with the outdoors. Now they are trendy. Back in January I was on the way into town on the train and I spotted this girl wearing the boots. She looked edgy in her leather leggings, white t-shirt and long grey hoodie, and channelled the style exactly like the celeb-trend. So, I just had to have a new pair. Even though these images look like January, its actually the end of May, amongst the post-rain fog in my parent’s garden.


Timberland yellow boots



Timberland yellow boots don’t have to work with an outdoor style. Over the weekend, I didn’t want to dress up, I just wanted to be comfortable for my weekend at home. Jeans are the natural option but with my old reliable collared shirt and, over that a crop top. I’m not a fan of crop tops. Simply because I have a tummy which won’t go away, and so I just don’t want to show off that part of my body. So by layering it over a shirt makes the look a lot more practical.


Timberland yellow boots


Top, Marks and Spencer

Jeans, Acne

Shirt, New Look

Boots, Timberland

Bracelet, Stella and Dot