Three easy Autumn outfits

For my TV segments this month I have been looking into easy autumn outfits – by that I mean, not complicated, not trend driven, easy to mix and match and comfortable. The basis of this simple – we are time-poor and want a stressless way to style ourselves so that we feel and look good. I live by this way of dressing and usually centre my outfits around foundation items like good denim, coats, knits & boots. Occasionally, I swap out the denim for tapered black trousers or leather shorts and tights. My palette is simple – black, cream and grey. I like these colours. Some may say it’s a bit dull, but honestly, I am very much a time-poor person and these colours all match each other. How do I make them look different? I have some fun with textures. I love leather, cord, thick satin and wool and even if I am wearing the same colour head to toe, the texture contrast makes each item stand out. If you like the sound of this, here are three easy Autumn outfits for your perusal.

Coat/Knit/Denim/Ankle Boot or trainers

This week I recommend taking advantage of the 40% off outerwear at Oasis and look at their selection of formal coats – when I was a personal shopper Oasis was a winner for coats and denim. I am still a big fan.

Knit/Shorts/Knee High Boots

I actually get excited for Winter as I get to wear this outfit. A go-to outfit for over a decade, I’m thrilled leather shorts are still popular. You can spend as much as you like on them, with premium labels like Sรฉzane being a personal favourite. But here are some pieces I think are well worth the look.

Pop on Winter dress

That one item that does so much work. I do love a knit dress simply because I am cold all the time, and I think they always look well, especially when worn with boots and coats (the pieces in the top section will all work with this outfit. I also don’t really mind if the dress goes a bit longer than my coat. In fact, I think it’s more chic, and effortless.

My three easy autumn outfits, all of which can be mixed up to make some alternative looks!

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