The tools every blogger needs (and it’s all from Argos!)

I’m asked what every blogger needs (all the time!)  to get your blog up and running. Now it’s not to say that you need all this stuff and you need it right now. Oh no. This is for building up over time which is exactly what I did. It started with saving for a decent computer, then a good camera, then the accessories for the camera and so on. I saved and saved to get the things I needed. Some have been replaced with better versions of themselves. And now, nearly ten years later, there are a lot more things to choose from that are more competitively priced. So to help you decide what’s best and how to get the most useful technologies and tools, I took out the Argos catalogue to find some beginner bloggers tools.

The laptop is the first place to start. It took me a while to save up for a MAC Air, but before that I had a Sony that was trusty and did the job perfectly until I had enough to upgrade. Toshiba have a great Windows laptop under €400 that’s light to travel with and has a lovely screen so your blog can be clear from the outset.




If you move around a bit, you can also buy a tablet. Thanks to lot’s of apps like WordPress which I use, you can control your blog from an app front end rather than a desktop. Argos’ own brand Bush have really affordable options that run on Android so all you need to do is set them up on your preferrred mobile provider or just stick to wifi which is more cost efficient.



My preferred camera of the moment is the Canon Powershot SX400 which is 16 mega pixels and it’s a bridge camera which is great for taking outfit posts if that’s what your into. A bridge camera is like a small DSLR which are much more expensive, so the bridge one is a good starter camera. I am a Canon user, and I love them. I bought my Canon EOS 1000 in 2010 after a lot of saving and it’s brilliant. The new models are much improved on mine, but I have a nice selection of lenses to go with it like the 50mm which is a good learner lens. But this Canon (above) is a really great one as a blogging beginner. It’s very user friendly and it has a digital zoom.



A tripod isn’t exactly a must have, but it’s good to add one to your kit when you can. I also bought a wireless remote control so I can take my own outfit pictures if I don’t have anyone to take them for me. Tripods are not expensive and above is the exact model of what I use. It’s sturdy and most camera will fit to the top of it. If you are a travel blogger, this one is perfect!



So we all pretty much have smart phones, but if you don’t, and want to get one, Argos stock some SIM free models which are new to the catalogue. This Bush phone also runs on Android and is a great starter phone which doesn’t cost the earth.

All the above are available from Argos right now! Happy Blogging!



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