The snow will come back….

I know it’s only August and we are still looking out the office window in hope of seeing just a little bit of sunshine. But let’s face it, we are kidding ourselves if we think summer may show up on the week the children go back to school. So put the summer dresses away and the maxis in a suitcase and put them into hibernation until next year, as Fall is officially here.

Now I hate to sound skeptical but the snow will probably show it’s nosing biting self again this year and if it’s anything like the Armageddon we faced before Christmas, we are due for a few feet again this year. As a nation we were unprepared and so were our wardrobes so it’s time to think practically. Uggs don’t grip, Hunters have no lining and..well… there has been nothing else until now. Fitflop have taken their concept and adapted it to a winter collection, coming in the form of a selection of boots to keep the feets warm this cold season. The style featured below (“Blizz”) are water proof and well lined and they come in a range of colours including the gunmetal colour which is my favourite. On top of that, they have the renowned benefits of the summer time fitflop to support your feet in every way.

Fitflop are available in Arnotts and stockist throughout Europe.