The Look Show blogger!

Who am I????

My two blogs, and started in January 2010 and in the short time since it’s birth, my blog has not only given me hours of pleasure through writing, researching and editing, but the tool I needed to channel this passion I had for creativity. I started the blog being completely ignorant of web design, but educated in style. I began modelling at 17 and threw myself into the world of fashion. After college I set modelling aside and studied to be an accountant. I built a successful career of which I am proud but over a few years, I ignored the creative side of my brain and I needed some balance. And so, styleisle came into being.

I guess fashion is in my genes through two of the most inspiring women I have known, my grandmother and mother. Over the last 29 years, I have watched these women mix and match, construct outfits and test the style they embedded, daily. I took that education and I ran with it. I bought a book on web design and I started to learn HTML and internet languages, so that I could build a site was of my doing, from content to code. It started as a monthly web magazine, so to speak, where I could interview those I admired, find looks that I knew readers would like and give the latest fashion news and views straight from styleisle HQ i.e. my desk!

From there, it gained momentum, people subscribed, newspapers consulted me for my opinions and I started to style photo shoots. Fashion embraced the blogger in me. then went through two revisions or generations to give it the technical term, and now I update it regularly and over on the styleisle blog, I document my own style adventure.

Styleisle at the Look show…

Fashion’s definition is volatile. I don’t think it has one and that’s what I love about it. We all interpret it differently; we take trends and manipulate them to suit how we look and how we want to look.  I love how the Look show takes the best of fashion and makes it real. We want fashion to be attainable and not so far fetched that we cannot channel it. Notwithstanding that the extremes of fashion give us the uniqueness the industry needs, but in real life, our inner fashionista wants to know things, read advice, and ask questions which centre around one theme….what will I wear? Look magazine has always provided the answer to that question, and one of the reasons I love reading it is that I feel it connects me to fashion easily. And that has translated into the Look show. I was at London Fashion week last year presenting the online fashion channel I work on called and I didn’t make it to the Look Show but I managed to grab some time with Olivia Palermo as she was running off to it. I asked what her plans were for the day and she said the Look Show was next on the schedule. I was tempted to ask her if I could tag along!

I love to talk about fashion and working as the Look Show blogger will give me a chance to bring the best of show to the readers in my own way.

I can use every cliché in the world but you know what, the reason I think I should be the Look Show Blogger is simple. I just think it would be fun.