The Clarisonic Plus

I love having facials, and with temperamental skin, I really need to keep it in good shape and since I discovered the Clarisonic Plus, well facials now happen at home too. And the Clarisonic Plus is not just for your face, it can be used on your body too, to keep it clear and smooth. So how does this work? It has a sonic micro-message that deep clenses the skin to enhance your existing beauty and skincare regime.

Clarisonic Plus

The brush head moves super fast, 300 times per second, to message your pours to free any of the yukkie stuff that can cause breakouts. This handy gadget can remove up to six times more make up and twice more dirt than manual cleaning. I find having used it for two weeks now, twice a day, my skin is absorbing more moisturiser and serum to keep it fresh and I actually have a glow. I have also found that those nasty little blocked pores around my nose (you know the ones I mean) are all clear. On my body, the brushes are helping my skin to be soft and it’s like using an extra powerful exfoliator too, so prepping my skin for tans etc is really easy. I’m really excited at using this over the next few months to see how it keeps my skin healthy so expect regular updates!

Clarisonic also have a stand alone counter in House of Fraser, Dundrum where the experts can advise you on the best product for you. The Clarisonic Plus I have been using costs €249.

Note to readers, the Clarisonic Plus was given to for the purpose of this review.