Testing the Glamoriser hair tools!

Glamoriser hair tools

I love some bounce in my hair, and since I got my Gold Fever hair extensions in, I have been having quite the fun time styling long locks into various styles. But a big curl has to be my favourite. So last week I decided to try and test the new Glamoriser hair tools which are available at Argos. I was very lucky to be in London at the Argos Christmas event, so I got a sneak peek and a test run of the new range. First off, it’s very affordable considering the quality of the product which boasts Ion technology as well as 210 degree heat in seconds.


I opted for the Wave Wand which has a black diamond infused barrel to reduce frizzing while you are styling. I prepared by hair by washing and blasting it dry and giving it a quick smoothening with a barrel brush. Then section your hair into four, and start the styling process with the lower sections first. I tend to curl thicker sections of hair underneath to add some volume and make the curls more natural. Wrap the sections around the tool (also use the heat resistant glove that comes with it!) until you make your way around your head. Your hair will look like it’s in ringlets, so take a paddle brush and brush them out to create smooth waves. The tool itself is light, and travel friendly. And, it has a global wattage setting so it will work worldwide!

The whole range is available at Argos now, and this particular tool is €72.99. More reviews to come!