Taylor Morris Eyewear

Taylor Morris eyewear

I recently discovered Taylor Morris eyewear and last week I had the pleasure of having lunch with founder Hugo Taylor in Harvey Nichols Dublin where the collection has launched to the Irish Market. Taylor Morris eyewear

Set up in 2013 by friends Hugo Taylor and Charlie Morris, the ethos of the brand is to provide elegant, timeless eyewear that is competitively priced. And honestly, from a design perspective the collection will rival any of the big design houses. In fact, I think I prefer these. The brand is certainly one for any discerning eyewear collector.

Taylor Morris eyewear

Each pair is perfectly crafted; the materials are robust, the lenses range from the classic curve to the new season flat (with a matte lense on the way). Each style looks very unique, with no comparability to any other competitor in eyewear frankly. It makes me time to choose a pair, and of recent years I’ve stayed away from expensive brands as not only do they break just ask easily as a high street pair, I tend to lose them. But I feel I would happily invest in a pair from Taylor Morris. They stand out, they fit well, and they give your eyes the protection it needs in sunlight.

Taylor Morris eyewear

I completely fell for this pair; I’ve never worn anything like them, and the combination of shape and style has me sold. But then there are the pair I’m wearing in the top image, these would be great for London Fashion Week. Decisions, decisions….

If you want to check out the full collection, you can see it in full at Harvey Nichols Dublin or log onto the Taylor Morris website.