Tara Leniston – style icon

Actress Tara Leniston swapped Dublin for London not too long ago and embarked on the challenge that is motherhood. I caught up with her to talk Dublin Vs. London style and her love of cashmere!

Tara Leniston

Describe your style and what you like to wear?

“My style is very practical, as I spend my days running around after a 20 month old boy. But I do always try to make an effort so I dont get caught out looking like I have been dragged through a hedge back wards. In the winter I tend to wear jeans and boots with either a blazer and a cute top or skirt boots and a long top”. 

Does your profession influence how you dress?

“Being in an artistic industry, fashion is often used as a way to express our selves.I find depending on my mood, characters I am researching, will influence how I dress that day”.

What is you favourite piece in your wardrobe right now?

“My Jean Paul Gaultier cashmere jacket is probably my favorite piece of clothing I own. Its a classic that will never go out of fashion”.

Dublin Vs. London style????

“Oh I am going to have to say London. Because anything and everything goes in London. I think in Dublin people tend to play it a little more safer”.

Tara Leniston

Who is your ultimate style icon past and present?

“Audrey Hepburn is one of my favorite Style icons of all time and I really love Gwyenth Paltrows style. Its just simple classy and elegant”.

What is your favourite and least favourite trend?

“Jeggins! I dont know who made up those terrible hybird of a jean/leggings but it doesnt work. On anyone, no matter how slim you are”.

Where do you like to shop?

“I really like Zara for affordable up to date fashion pieces. And I love TKmax for random finds”.

What item of clothing or beauty product can you not function without?

“My touch de clat under eye concealer and my Max Factor mascara and lucas paw paw ointment. I also couldn’t live without my cashmere black scarf”.

When putting together an outfit, what is important to you?

“Comfort. If I am not comfortable I will keep pulling at my clothing, and I feel self conscious. You have to feel good or look good”.

UGGs, Yes or NO??? 

“Yes for lounging around the home, maybe running out for a coffee on a Sunday morning, but a big NO No for going out!”