sunscreen for pale skin

Finding sunscreen for pale skin always leads to a decision on which brand works best, what SPF you need and if re-application i the sun is needed. When I was in Africa last October, I experienced heat like never before. It was dry heat from a scorching sun that my skin was not suitable for. While I was there, I used P20 which I found brilliant. So I was delighted to partner with them for this blog post, having returned from my holiday in Spain where I used their new spray in factor 20 and 30. 

The spray is great as it can be used at different angles, so you can make sure you are covered. This formula lasts up to ten hours, and I can tell you from strolling around Malaga in 38 degrees, this worked. I didn’t have to reapply once. Now I am no expert on skincare and the dangers posed to us from exposure to the sun, but I know from my own experience that I need to keep to high factors, avoid midday sun and keep myself covered when I can. My neck is always susceptible to sun burn and P20 kept this away. Not once did I burn which has never happened to me before on holidays. I started with SPF 30 and as I was in the sun more, and my skin got used to it I moved to SPF 20 just on my arms and legs. 


Choosing a sunscreen for pale skin always led me to brands that were less expensive, which normally led to some kind of burning. P20 retails at approximately €30 for the 175ml can and this lasted a full two weeks for myself and my husband, so I thought it was great value for money too. 

P20 is available in pharmacies nationwide, as well as Boots.