Summer Luggage at Debenhams

luggage at debenhams

I’m not going on my jollies until September but in the meantime I have been planning. Tripp make some awesome suitcases, and it’s stocked along with lot’s of luggage at Debenhams. The range from Tripp is great for the travelling fashionista and even though hard cases get a tough time (they can explode sometimes) these ones are made to last!

luggage at debenhams

If you are investing in new luggage, then there are a couple of things to bear in mind. Firstly, how often do you travel and for what reasons. If you are a regular short journey traveller (like  me for work etc) then a small carry on is a more prudent investment as it will stand the test of pressure of overhead bins. If you need something for holidays, then definitely look at something bigger which is durable, hard wearing and easy to store when you have it at home. I have had the same suitcase for over ten years and it has been everywhere with me. As well as that, I have a small hard shell case for my commute to London that is cabin friendly and light too.

Head over to the website now, and take a look at all the luggage at Debenhams!