Summer Beauty Must Haves

Summer Beauty Must Haves

There are so many products I wanted to add to my Summer Beauty Must Haves posts, so much so I am going to split them all up into a series over the next few weeks. I’m starting with a little mixture of SPFs and skincare that I have been using this past month. Firstly, we know the risks of being in the sun without the protection of good sun screen. I know this all to well having been sun burned on hard to reach places, or sun target areas like the back of my neck and shoulders. Clinique’s new sun screen products are very very good. The Virtu-Oil Body Mist has an SPF 30 with UVA & UVB and has light texture so it doesn’t feel greasy or oily on your skin. I also like how it dries so quickly, so you can apply and get dressed right away. Alongside that is Anti-wrinkle Face Cream also with SPF 30. I like having a separate product for my face; for some reason I feel a cream formula works better. I’m no expert on this, but my face likes it more and I am less likely to get any effects from the sun. This product is small in it’s packaging so it’s a good handbag item. 

I also have some problems with extremely dry skin on the tops of my arms and the back of my neck along my hair line where I occasionally have some psoriasis. For the last few months I have been working with SuuBalm as an ambassador; a product designed to ease the itchiness that accompanies the condition. In the summer, my next perspires and this doesn’t help my skin at all so I find it incredibly itchy all the time. Suu Balm has menthol in it to help cool that down and it really does work. I also apply it to very light sun burn for some relief. 

I will have lot’s more on tan brands, but for now I want to give my backing to Primark’s Pearl Face & Body Highlighter that is a really lovely product that doesn’t cost as much as some other highlighting creams. The colour is light so it’s good if you want t a glow, or apply liberally over an existing tan for the J-Lo effect. As someone who just does not tan naturally, this is a great option. 

I’m also adding in some links below to similar products that I’ve tried and loved too!