I love high-tops. When I was little it was all I wanted to wear. I had those ones with the lights on them as well. I wish it was still ok for me to wear those. I know Skechers make them in their kids ranges. Maybe I can squeeze into them? Well, if I can’t I’ve got an adult version that I am loving right now. Nothing beats a shiny white trainer in the summer. I love to wear them with mini skirts and midi dresses, but today I am sticking to me usual uniform of jeans. Yes, I do have other clothes but I am a denim girl, ok? 

Skechers ONME

The Skechers OMNE is the latest addition to my trainer collection. They look very cool against this urban backdrop (well they are a midtown shoe) but they are quite clever in that, yes they are a lace up but they have a zip at the side to pop them on and off. They have the must-hve air cooled memory foam, which in this humidity has been very comfortable on my feet as I stomp around town. 

Skechers ONME

I should also mention that the arch support in these is great; I tend to walk on the outside of my right foot, so these shoes support that so I don’t get pains in my legs which has happened in the past where I have chosen to wear a shoe that doesn’t support my feet correctly. Even with a casual shoe or trainer, support and fit are the most important things. You have two feet and you need to look after them! 

Skechers ONME

This are also kind of retro aren’t they? Since the ath-leisure trend is here to stay, we might as well expand outside of our gym attire and into something more street-style inspired. 

You can get the Skechers OMNE online at or check out the website for your nearest store or stockist. 

Skechers STREET Skechers STREET