styleisle icon January 2011

This month’s styleisle-con is Andrea Kelly!

Where do you like to shop?

I tend to stick to boutiques when shopping. I prefer the ranges that boutiques have to offer. I am spoilt for choice in Co. Kildare where I am from with some fabulous boutiques in Newbridge, Naas and Kilcullen. I also lived in Waterford for a number of years and have a few favourite boutiques there which I still visit.

I don’t shop much in the high street but when I do I like Zara especially for outfits for work. I was in a large Mango store in Glasgow recently and liked their A/W 2010 collection.

Describe your style!

I like to mix my style with my mood but am always looking for something unique. I would think my style is simple and classical with an individual twist and mix of colour. I love dresses and like anything which I consider different and individual. I dont like over complication and like to wear one or two pieces that stand out.

If you could have any item of clothing what would it be?

It’s got to be either a fantastic dress or handbag.
I would love a GUCCI black silk blend dress with waist cinching leather belt. A staple piece that would be worn year after year. My pick of bags at the moment would be a Chloe Marcie or Paraty leather bag. Luxury!!

Who are your style icons?

I have high regard for anyone that is confident enough to pick their own style and go with it because it suits them and their individuality rather than following other trends. On saying that I have to say I admire Lady Gaga’s eccentricity, although I wouldn’t be tempted to purchase a meat dress!!

If I had to choose a couple of style icons it would be Kate Moss or Natalie Portman as they always look effortlessly stylish and can wear anything
As I love dresses I admired Dannii Minogue’s wardrope for the last two seasons of the X Factor.

What is your favourite piece in your wardrobe at the mo?

At the moment I am loving my Chie Mihara shoes. I have a number of pairs of her shoes that I bought in a gorgeous shoe boutique in Waterford city. My favourite pairs are a mary jane style pair in a classical red colour or I have a wonderful pair in a deep green colour with a red trim. They add a splash of colour to any little black dress.

What is your favourite fashion trend for this season?

I am still in love with the return of the exaggerated shoulder on dresses and jackets. I love the structure of this trend. A powerful jacket can add something special to any pair of skinny jeans and t-shirt. I also like brocade especially if it is teamed with something simple. I have seen a couple of nice brocade dresses over the festive season teamed with black opaque tights. I think it can be very glam.

Are there any styles / trends you don’t like?

I have never bought or been tempted to buy a pair of ugg boots. I am not a big fan. I think they can make an outfit look too casual and even sloppy. They can ruin a gorgeous dress which I think would look nicer with a pair of flat leather boots that would be just as comfortable.

I don’t like the over-tanned look also. I think people can take this to the extreme sometimes. I will admit, it is difficult to achieve that sun kissed glow when we see so little sun.

What do you make of Irish fashion?

There is a lot more choice available to Irish shoppers in the last number of years. Although I think we are very dependant on British high street stores and can sometimes ignore the smaller more independant boutiques that are available around the country.

I think that Irish fashion can differ alot between the smaller towns and the larger cities but people appear to be experimenting more with fashion which is great.

We have some fabulous designers here in Ireland like Joanne Hynes and Peter O Brien whose collections can be highly rated, something to be proud of.