styleisle-icon – February 2011

This month’s styleisle-con is the fabulous Clodagh O’Hagan who owns Dublin PR agency, Blink PR!

Where do you like to shop?

Depends on the occasion but for a cheeky mid week shop I would go to TopShop or BT2.  I’ve recently discovered Couture in Powerscourt Townhouse Centre where I bought an amazing little black jersey dress perfect dressing up or down.   I also a big fan of online shopping.

Describe your style!

I’m don’t like too much fuss.  I pretty much keep it simple wearing lot of dresses – they’re usually cute with a hint of boldness that stand out for their colour, their length, or lack there of!  Add a leather or denim jacket and my Holyhead necklace and I’m pretty much good to go.

When it comes to jeans it’s black skinnies all the way mixed with t-hsirts, hoodies or knit jumpers depending on the day and my humour.  At the moment I’m rarely seen out of my black wedge suede boots from Office, be it with jeans or a dress.

If you could have any item of clothing what would it be?

The latest statement Manoush party dress.  I have a couple in my wardrobe but fall a little out of love with each one when a newer prettier one arrives in BT2.

Who are your style icons?

I love the vintage dress look that is being worn in general at the moment but if I had to pick on style crush is would probably be Alexa Chung.

What is your favourite piece in your wardrobe at the mo?

My Padraic Sweeney gold snakeskin bag.  It brings a touch of glamour to every outfit.

What is your favourite fashion trend for this season?

I love the soft romantic trend for Spring Summer.  I’ll be looking for the perfect ice cream shade dress with frills, swishing pleats and lace.  Girly with a golden age glamour to it.

Are there any styles / trends you don’t like?

Harem pants.  For the most part they are just plain wrong.