styleisle file meets Miss Ireland Emma Waldron

Miss Ireland Emma Waldron is making a name for herself in the world of fashion and celeb ville. I caught up with her to talk style and life in the fab lane! In the couple of times we have met, I have been astounded at her presence and inherent style; she always manages to style herself in a way that is true to herself. So I needed to know her secrets! “I love Zara this season they have absolutely gorgeous bright feminine clothes in so I have been spending a lot of time (and money!) there. I love Harvey Nicholas in Dundrum Town Centre there’s always loads of gorgeous clothes there. There’s a really great concession in Arnotts called Laundry Room, they have gorgeous dresses. I’m also a big fan of Kurt Geiger shoes so BT2, Brown Thomas and Debenhams have a great selection. Debenhams have an exclusive range of his called Miss KG, which I love!”, says Emma. As a  lady who gets the A-list invites, I often wonder if someone in this position gets pressurised to always look good, but clearly Emma knows how to put the perfect look together. “For nights out or events I love Chica Boutique and Coco Boutique in Dublin, and Soho Boutique in Newbridge which is closer to home for me as I’m from Celbridge!”. But she loves her international labels too like body con dresses from American Apparel and Abercrombie and Fitch which she fell for whilst working in Toronto, this obviously topical as A&F are looking to open here in the near future.

Emma knows how to define her style and its all about being girly, “my style is all about femininity! I love flowing tops and skinny jeans. I absolutely love love LOVE colourful clothes, I’m a huge believer in colour psychology so I always try to wear something bright and happy. One of my favourite items of clothing is a yellow dress I got in H&M! I havent worn it yet but I love oogling at it! I have to find the right occasion to debut it! I think the most important thing about clothes is that you wear things because they suit your shape not just because they are in fashion! It’s really easy to change a plain top and jeans into a fashion masterpiece using simple accessories that are available so cheaply now-a-days in places like Pennys, H&M, Zara and the more expensive shops like Accessorize and River Island. Personally, I love jewelry and I love matching up some sparkly bits from with my outfits. My favourite thing
right now is my butterfly ring I got from them! It’s so gorgeous and goes well with everything! They have these cute new leather bracelets which I know everyone will be wearing this summer, especially to the festivals if you’re a festival chick J Scarves are a great way of dressing up your hair (if it needs a wash or you have bad roots/ your weave needs to be done!) or around your neck OR a pashmina around an outift! The brighter the better!  Tie Rack has a great selection”. 

Like every girl, Emma has a wish list. “Do shoes count?” she asks me!  “I love Louboutins! Everytime I see the Kardashian’s show I get so jealous of their shoe collection! They have the most amazing Louboutins! I definitely wouldn’t say no to them!”

You know this lady is one to look up to for her confidence and elegance but she is not without her own inspiration. “I’m very into classic elegant beauty so the likes of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn are inspirations for me. In terms of modern style icons I love Nichole Richie’s style, Kourtney Kardashian’s style during the day and Kim’s at night”. So fusing the modern with the old makes the perfect style icon, I believe.

One of the benefits of being Miss Ireland is the abundance of people lining up to dress you! Emma says her most prized possession at the moment is a dress designed for her by Synan O’Mahony. It’s a yellow evening gown with a lace and crystal embellished corset. “I absolutely love it. I wore it at Miss World”. Now not everyone can say that!

Moving onto something more current, and given that we are embarking on a new season with a lot of trends to contend with Emma and I agree on the appeal of bright colours. “The bright neon colours trend is so fitting for summer! I also love bootleg jeans so Im very happy that the 70s style is in! I definitely prefer them to skinny jeans just because of my shape!”. But of everything that is there for the consumer Emma is not a fan of clashing prints, ” Just no! One pattern is enough!!!”, explains Emma. Its so refreshing to talk to someone who is grounded and know what she likes, style wise. Not only that Emma Waldron is embracing her position as a role model and is articulate in her method. True elegance comes from within, and this lovely lady has that down to a T.


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