styleisle archive – December 2010

his year has been one whirlwind for and for fashion in

general. As a way to conclude on the very stylish year it was, I have collated some of the quotes from all my interviews since January 2010.

 “Once in a while there will be a piece that does literally take your breath away, and makes you gasp out loud! It’s lovely to see customers in turn have the same reaction when they come across such pieces in the collection. A cream Valentino jacket with an accordion detail sleeve, bejewelled teal YSL shoes, and a magnificent grey silk full length Fendi dress with capped sleeve and swarovski accents stand out, to name but a few”.

Suzanne Hourican, owner of Covet.

“Think Barbie. Think platinum blonde hair. Think pink lipstick, and the icon that represents innocent childhood memories. The perfect figure, the colourful clothes, the permanent smile and of course…the handsome boyfriend”.

Barbie as a fashion icon, styleisle February 2010

“Jewellery had always been my passion – so why not embark on a new career revolving around my favourite fashion accessories and the glamour of new jewellery designs”.

Susan Salkeld, Owner of jewellery shop online.

“I decided and realised, with all of my career choices, the one thing that I was really drawn to in every aspect of my career was to training and development of people.  I returned to study my Certificate in Teaching Adult Learners and opened the doors of Beauty Academy.  Initially I delivered all of the training and managed the business, but I am now fortunate to have a team of 15 excellent Tutors who are highly skilled in their professions”

Linda Ennis, Owner of The Beauty Academy, Drogheda

“I like to use quirky and unusual fabric with an old style twist with yards of netting so I now have full 50’s style dresses,summer dresses,full skirts with netting , mini skirts with netting , 50’s stlye wiggle skirts and much more to come and i’m still doing the cushions and bags so i’m kept really busy”.

Regina Carley, Designer, Cork

“I think us Irish are starting to get more adventurous and confident about our attire. I notice more and more people experimenting with looks and trends. Though overall we’re still all quite ‘safe’ we are definitely taking steps in the right direction and I’m excited to us what unfolds over the next few years”.

Blau von T, Fashion Blogger

“This season I took a risk and used a very expensive Silk Yarn covered in tiny sequins, it was 3 times the price of Cashmere but looked amazing , I though we’d maybe sell a few pieces but it has proved to be the most popular part of the collection and Cardigans at over a thousand euro have sold out as soon as they hit the shops, so I’d say yes people are more cost concious but only in the fact that they care more that what they buy must be beautiful and beautifully made and flatter them, This is where it’s so important to support smaller labels who offer quality and value for money no matter what the price is, it’s the big companies that are concerned about being conservative to look after their profits and in difficult times may offer cheaper things but no real choice, where smaller ones who are more able to respond to what their customers really want and can still offer excitement innovation and quality”.

Tim Ryan, Designer

“If you want people to believe in what you’re talking about then you must least look as if you know what you’re talking about?”

Mark Andrew Kelly, stylist

“I admire anyone who looks comfortable in their own skin as I think that is the foundation for looking stylish. My icons are Christine Centenera, Erin Wasson, Nicole Richie, Miroslava Duma and the Olsen twins. Really it’s anyone who looks comfortable in what theyre wearing, thats a big thing for me. I also admire Vivienne Westwood for what she has done for fashion, and nothing inspires me more than trawling street style blogs”.

Cathy Lawson, fashion blogger

“As with all girlie chats, we deviate to talk about things like the joy of flying with Ryanair but we swiftly get back on the topic with the upcoming Dublin Festival of Fashion (which took place from October 1 to 3). The group really hopes this works out and that it becomes a regular thing.  “What happened to Dublin Fashion week?” I ask. Laura tells us that apparently there was no sponsorship or advertising, which is a pity, considering Cork had hosted a very successful fashion week back in April, and the capital city doesn’t have one? There are so many independent boutiques and designers in Dublin especially; it is a pity that there is no outlet for them. We get into this topic a little more and chat about how so many Irish designers have established themselves in London. It’s almost like a fashion brain drain. But on a good note, Irish designers like Peter O’Brien are making a big comeback. Peter has just launched a beautiful collection of 23 pieces with Arnotts. This is definitely a new trend with designers. Fusion collections for the high street now seem to be a necessity as a marketing technique. H&M have led the way with this; the fashion world eagerly awaits the Lanvin collection! Wouldn’t it be great if the high street approached Irish designers to do these collections? Nurture talent and give them the platform to launch themselves but provide them with the resources to support them?”

styleisle fashion chit chat, October 2010