My style Monday, Warehouse Skirt!

warehouse skirt

It’s been a summery weekend which I spent at the Vodafone Comedy Festival! But before that, I went along to have my nails done by the fabulous Michele Burke so always makes my nails look super pretty!

This week I have been wearing a lot pieces from Warehouse, to do a little “Week in Warehouse” which has started off very brightly! I love this striped skirt which I am wearing with a plain grey t-shirt to pick out the subtle dark stripe in the pattern. I have never been that comfortable with flowing skirts as I think sometimes they make my hips look rather big, but with this one, I feel very chic, thanks to its high waist and longer length.

warehouse skirt

A longer length skirt like this needs a heel, and this pair of heels are from Topshop which I picked up in London this week. They are super comfy and have great support for my feet.

So what do you think? Do you like longer length skirts? Leave your comments below!