Style Lessons from London Fashion Week

Christian Louboutin bag

Fashion is ever an ever moving, ever changing and ever volatile thing. Trying to define what fashion is, is dependent on a couple of things, but the most important to me is how we see it on ourselves. How we style a coat, how we wear a shoe, how we accessorize. It’s so personal that what I may see as something “fashionable” someone else might see as dowdy. So basically, you just can’t define it by theory. You can define it empirically. And then there’s the difference between fashion and style. And this is what I take away from fashion week. We might “see” fashion, but we embrace and feel style. It’s what contributes to our aesthetic. We all have a unique style that makes us, well, us. At fashion week, we see unique style come in all forms. From the sublime to the ridiculous, anything goes. But one thing I have been guilty of for the many many seasons I have been in attendance, is trying to match up to people who I see as stylish. But while doing that I lost sight of who I am when it comes to personal style. I used to pack outfits, put them on, then to turn up to LFW and feel annoyed that I hadn’t thought of wearing my coat over my shoulders, or that I should have worn those other shoes and not the ones I’m in, or why don’t my culottes look like hers? This attitude has been damaging. So for AW17, I went with a different approach. 

Christian Louboutin Bag

First lesson, I have come to value the important of lovely accessories. I was lucky enough to have the use of this amazingly beautiful Christian Louboutin bag from their Spring Summer 2017 collection. It’s called the Triloubi and it just made my fashion week. In fact, I used it every day. When I’m at home, I wear relatively plain clothes. I love grey and black coats, jeans and jumpers, and all styled with some boots. So instead of trying to clash prints and being unsure as to whether they worked, I took my daytime wardrobe to London and dressed it up with the best statement bag I could find. I had so many compliments on how beautifully crafted the bag was, and the snappers at LFW HQ also took a shine to it. It totally changed my outfit, and made me feel like I was dressed up. And yep, it was all down to a bag. The beading is so ornate and is testament to how finite Mr. Louboutin is in his work. I adore the studded detailing along the side, that add a little edge, and have become a symbol of his accessories collections. 

Christian Louboutin bag

Christian Louboutin bag

The second lesson I took away was spend just a little less time worrying about what I’m wearing and a little more time on how I wear it. That has to be with confidence, and the only way to achieve that is to be comfortable. Bye bye high heels, they just don’t work when negotiating public transport. So the highest heel I went for were these kitten heel boots I got from Michael Kors about two years ago. Rather than have a bare ankle I went for fish net socks which just add a little detail. Adding to the comfort factor are denims. I love this pair from Paige which were given to me by the brand last year and I live in them. They are slightly flared and frayed (two bit denim trends) and they have a mid rise waist line which I find flattering. I think my two staples will be boots and cropped jeans from now on. Yep, my new uniform. 

Outfit credits

Jacket, Mint Velvet

Jumper, Mint Velvet

Jeans, Paige Denim

Shoes, Michael Kors

Sunglasses, Tom Ford

Bag, Christian Louboutin

Hair by Moira Borg for Priv

Pic by Comb