Stay Safe At Home This Christmas with Chill Insurance

Chill Insurance

One thing that we forget around this time of year is how much we rely on our homes to keep us safe (and warm!). And there are a few things we have to consider, but, these are things we tend to forget. So, I’ve team up with Chill Insurance for this post, to provide a little reminder of the things we need to keep tabs on to ensure we don’t have any unwanted guests who might fancy one of our Christmas presents for themselves, without asking. 

My home is insured for it’s contents, so should anything happen, I’ve got someone there to look after that. It’s the time of year that we do have more valuables stored under the bed (a great hiding place for Christmas presents), as well as our most treasured tech like laptops, tablets and our coveted phones. Christmas TV just isn’t the same without the laughter of Twitter sometimes. We think of these things as our prized possessions so we need to make sure we safeguard them, you know, just in case. 

The other thing I am very grateful to have at this time of year as Winter creeps in, is warmth. Nothing beats curling up by the fire on a frosty Winter’s night. So whether it’s an open fire or the magic of central heating you rely on, make sure you know everything is working in proper order. I’m delighted that my Dad is the best handyman ever to help fix the odd thing, but sometimes a little expert help is needed too (don’t tell my Dad I said he’s not an expert, please!). I generally forget to check the smoke alarm too, but with the fire on, and plenty of festive food in the oven, I better add this to my to do list. 

But wherever you will be this festive period, you’ll be warm and safe with your family, and you can’t put a price on that.