Springtime with Skechers Originals

Skechers Originals

You might know from my Instagram Stories that I live in trainers/runners/sneakers, so that said, I am very excited to be working with Skechers over the next few months to show how I style my favourite shoes from their collections starting with the very fabulous Skechers Originals. Style is of significant importance with these; the technology of a great sneaker married with the retro design of the original-esque shoe. Then you add a splash of colour and you have the perfect shoe. These are so comfortable; thanks to the air-cooled memory foam that Skechers are so famous for. So when you are out for a stroll in these, you simply bounce along. There have been so many times when I have been away on city breaks (I remember one particular time in Rome when I wore sandals the entire time and my feet ended up in blisters) when the appropriate footwear have escaped my suitcase. For your summer holiday, a shoe like this is not only the practical choice, but a stylish choice too. 

To style up my pair, I wanted to keep the look simple so that the red just popped, so that’s where an indigo jean and crisp white shirt come in. I think when you have a statement shoe, you need to let that do all the work for you! It’s kind of like an accessory really! The good news is that if you like these, they are well priced considering the design and craftwork that goes into making a pair of Skechers (£54 and they are available online). 

This just the first shoot I’ll have with Skechers for 2017 so stay tuned for the next one coming next week! You can check out the full collection over at www.skechers.ie