A Spring Salad

spring salad recipe

I am trying so hard to eat healthily at the moment, and this spring salad is one way for me to do that, and it is so simple to make. The ingredients are easy to get all year round, and I find it quite a cost effective recipe too! And, (one more thing!) it takes about five minutes to rustle up!

Ok Lorna so what’s in it?

Two handfuls of baby leaf spinach (or as much as you like really!)

Juicy baby tomatoes (the ones in this recipe are piccolini cherry tomatoes from M&S which are delicious!)

Feta cheese

Cooked chicken (buy it pre-packed or cook yourself, that one is up to you)

Extra virgin olive oil, and salt and pepper to taste

Spring Salad recipe

What’s in it!


What next?

spring salad receipe

Season the tomatoes first!

Get a nice bowl for your spring salad and pop in the spinach. Chop your tomatoes in two, and place in a separate bowl and dress with the olive oil and salt and pepper. I like to season the tomatoes first as they seem to retain the flavour really well. Add those to the spinach. Next chop up your feta cheese and sprinkle over the salad. Chop the chicken into nice, easy-to-pick-up pieces, so you can eat the whole thing with a fork! Then you can season to your own liking.

spring salad recipe


See, super simple (AND HEALTHY) spring salad!