Spring Beauty Edit: Urban Decay

I first stumbled upon Urban Decay on a trip to America, in Sephora to be precise and what drew me to it was the purple packaging. Luxurious and sultry, I quickly learned how important merchandising products can be in the beauty industry. Since then, Urban Decay has become a personal favourite of mine for their innovation. They reinvent to make things better, they research to make the best foundations and beauty balms, and they, ultimately, know what women want to find in their make up bags. Arriving at their counters from February 3, are a fantastic selection of new products, as well as some new versions of staple UD products. So would you like to hear about some new goodies to add your make up bag? Oh I think you do.

Urban Decay

First up, is the BB cream. Yes, it’s another one, but thankfully UD did not race to market with this. No they sat back, watched the beauty giants of the world come to town with their BB offering, all the while plotting to make the mother of all BB creams. And that they will do as of next week! The Naked BB cream is a light texture, which you will find slightly runny, but albeit perfect for blending around your face. Personally, BB creams have never really turned me on, but as a base for foundations they are just what I need. BB creams do promise a lot, but UD have tested and found that after just 8 weeks of use, 93% of people who used it, said that they had firmer, more lifted skin. This product will work hard for you thanks to its “Pepha-protect” formula from watermelon extract to protect the skin’s DNA against damage from our exposure to the daily elements. A product for all seasons, this one is a winner. (€29/23).

Staying with the whole, eh, Naked theme, next up is the Naked Flushed palate. A trio of very close friends  – highlighter, bronzer and blush – are packaged together to be your new BFF, or BBH if you will. This is just brilliant, honestly. One sweep of a brush across the palate is enough and applied to the cheeks, up the cheekbone, adds the perfect colour and shimmer to last you a whole day. I applied this at 7am and it did not require a touch up once. After a busy day at work, I was very impressed at just how strong this product is to withstand a demanding day (including rain and the odd break out of sweat from running). It says it’s silky and it does exactly what it says on the tin. A1. (€26/£20)

Moving onto eye make up, UD have reinvented their “Ammo”palate which is one of its best sellers in my view. Containing ten of the brand’s best shades including, smog, mildew, shattered and sin, there is a look for every day here in just one handbag-friendly palate. The palate also includes the eyeshadow primer. Primers are now available for every facial need, and this one is a must buy. I applied the primer under a combination of sin (as a base), oil slick (to define) and a quick layer of polyester bride (how amazing is the name of this?) and after 12 hours, there is no creasing, so smudging. In fact, the shadow held all day which will give other brands something to be worried about if you ask me. (€29/£23).

Ah and now to my favourite product from all of the ones I tried and tested. It’s the lipgloss. I am a sucker for lipgloss, pun intended. I have tried a lot over the last few months and honestly, I have been disappointed. The UD Lip junkie lipgloss has surprised me and has released me from my lipgloss low. There are 17 shades to choose from and I tried Flushed, a dark shade of pink which complimented my make up really well. Now lipgloss does not last all day, this one included, and given that I drink a lot of coffee on a daily basis, I think I will go through one of these tubes pretty quickly. But, if you want to save this one for your “good” make up then you need this in your life. Look at it this way, if you put €1/£1 in a jar for two and a bit weeks, you can treat yourself to this. The colours are great and will make your lips all glossy and gorgeous for Valentine’s Day. (€18.50/£13)

And just to give a quick mention to the great products which UD have made in connection with the March release of Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful, UD will bring out two great palates for you to recreate the make up looks of its main characters, Glinda (Michelle Williams) and Theodora (Mila Kunis). My favourite is Theodora as I like a dark smokey look on my blue eyes, but Glinda is a perfect day time look, or if you prefer to wear something more natural looking. And the set, comes with make up tips to help you achieve the look.  (€40/£35).

[Note: currency exchange are as indicated by Urban Decay and are not of my own mathematical calculations or lack thereof]

Enjoy!Lorna Weightman