Revolve has had a surge in popularity this year thanks to its impeccable clothing buy, and a savvy level of promotion that makes us want it all. You may have seen the incredible villa and parties they had to celebrate Coachella, and if you are a fan of the festival look, then you will be in fashion heaven when you check out their latest offering. They are a social media executive’s dream job; Revolve has been one of the pioneering brands when it comes to working with bloggers, which as someone immersed in this industry, is the absolute dream. They just get where PR needs to be when it comes to getting their clothes on bodies, and very few brands have been as proactive as them. As a marketing graduate, I’m in awe of what they do. 


But back to the fashion. I used Coachella as a basis to determine Revolve’s aesthetic and the most popular looks to help choose some of my favourite pieces, which may also help you guys to get to know the brand a bit better as well. In Ireland it’s not exactly LA weather all the time, so you see that some of these looks are fairly seasonal. But right now it’s all about getting holiday ready (8 weeks to mine, yay!) so I’m going for light weight fabrics, with a mix of styles that can be worn for day and night. You need to make the most out of that small suitcase right? I have my own eyes on the coral jumpsuit as well as the white mules which will match everything I hope to pack, so that saves on a little more room for an extra swimsuit. 

You can check out my edit from Revolve below. Anything take your fancy?