Soap & Glory Christmas


As it’s now the end of October, I’m deeming it acceptable to talk about Christmas. I’ve been doing loads of research of Christmas beauty sets for my posts over on and I’m also going to be featuring some here. So fear not, you will be overloaded with ideas. So let’s start with the brand is all about fun, things that are pink and an endless list of Christmas gift set ideas.

Soap & Glory has one very unique and lovely scent. I have been using Clean on Me for years as my preferred shower wash, so much so, when it’s on a three for two at Boots, I buy three and have a stock of the stuff. It’s so moisturising and delicious that I can’t live without it! But that’s not all that will come in the Soap & Glory Christmas gifts.


Soap & Glory Christmas gift sets


Firstly, we have to talk about the packaging which really is second to none. The imagination that goes into creating these must be profound! From small make up bags with make up products to Christmas Baubles (which I have thought about wearing as earrings) and large metallic bags that would be the trendiest gym bag ever.

Soap & Glory Christmas sets

One new product which I am going to give a try this next week, is the new Night Creme. Night Cremes become more relevant when you get to the ripe old age of 33. I’m trying out lots over on Beaut. ie soon so stay tuned for more on that. You definitely want your skin to be radiant for the office Christmas party.

Soap & Glory Christmas sets

Make up wise you will love the eye palette which will definitely rival other more premium brands. The colours in the Soap & Glory set are great for day and night. There is a nice number of neutrals versus darker shades. And the best bit is that it will retail under €30. Add this to your stocking.

Soap & Glory Christmas sets

The main thing I love about this brand is that it’s immensely fun. The event held in Dublin last night was a barrel of giggles with lot’s of cocktails and props to play with. Do you like my lips? Funky huh?

Soap & Glory Christmas sets