My Sneaker Style with Skechers


I am teaming up with Skechers this year (which is very exciting!) to show my Skechers Style; from wearing them to train, to work, and even out at night. My feet work hard for me so I want to look after them and make sure they have the right support and comfort at all times. Thanks to the beauty of fitness technology, I know I walk well over the recommended 10,000 steps per day, hence, why I can’t wear heels as much as I would like to sometimes. But I think with the popularity of ath-leisure and sports trends across the catwalks, we can relax in our style a little more than we used to. Hey, if the fashion editors are wearing sneaks on the FROW then I totally can. 

Skechers Flex Appeal are the newest addition to my collection and are a great walking shoe. I took them out to Wicklow over the weekend for a 5km walk around the hills and lakes and I was so impressed. It’s hard to imagine how much support a shoe as light as this can give you. The woven fabric makes them more like a shoe than a sneaker and the lace you see is deceiving as they are actually a slip on! I’ve talked a lot out the memory foam aspect of Skechers and the Flex Appeal is no different. Definitely a style for light walks or just to give your feet a rest! 


Go Train is where we get a little more fitness oriented. I love these for any kind of strength and conditioning as I feel your feet are firmly on the floor and your centre of gravity is exactly where it should be for lifting weights. I tend to walk on the outside of my feet so the arch support in these is great, even for everyday wear. And if you like to feel like your strapped into your shoe the inner heel strap does that for you. I’ve taken these out for a light run too and they were supportive and light to wear. 


I have been travelling a bit this last few weeks and for airport runs I discovered Double Up slip on shoe. Now I am not going to give away too much on how fab these are as I have a photo shoot to come where I will be sharing more pics of these. But, I did post these to my Instagram and had so many queries about them. So hold tight on that one! 

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