Smokey Eye Hack And How To Get The Look

smokey eye hack

I have a very quick tutorial that is really, a smokey eye hack that you can get in about five minutes or less. I avidly follow so many amazing beauty bloggers and You Tubers to see how they do their make up and although I am inspired, most of the time I do not have the time to get the look myself. If it’s a TV day, then I am frantically painting my face while sitting on the floor with my make up bag in my lap. A couple of weeks ago I was filming with a lady who is a bra fitter, and she said she was enthralled with how quickly I could do my make up. I told her I have been forced into doing it quickly due to a demanding schedule. So that gave me an idea to show you how I do my smokey eye in less time.

Now, despite my amateur ways, I decided that in order to give you the best tutorial, I would consult one of my favourite make up artists, Kate O’Reilly who is the newest member of the 5th Floor Collective. So all I have to do is ask her questions across the office! Too. Handy. Kate has some amazing tips for getting a smokey eye look:

1. Base – if your eyeshadow doesn’t stick to the skin very well, use something as a base to help it cling, like concealer and some powder.

2. Start by applying dark colour to your lash line and gradually go bigger. This way you can slowly build up the shape to suit your eyes.

3. Use a long haired blending brush to sweep a biscuit shade along the socket line. This softens the edge of the smokey colour so that it melts into your skin tone. You can use a light matte brown eyeshadow or bronzer.

4. Keep the skin on the inner corner of the eyes very clean to avoid looking like you have a black eye. When you’ve blended all your smokey colours, use a face wipe wrapped around your finger tip to clean the area and then re-apply your under eye concealer – a boomerang shape of skin around your tear ducts.
She makes it sound so easy! And it is. So combining Kate’s tricks, and my smokey eye hack, here’s how I do it and what I use.
I dab a little concealer all over the lid but I tend to do this when I am also applying concealer to other areas so it becomes part of that step. I love Esteé Lauder Double Wear concealer and it lasts for ages. Using my favourite palette, Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita, I take a MAC 217 brush and dip it into the dark brown shade. Tap it just to drop off any excess. I sweep this next to my upper lash line and blend upwards and outwards. Then I take the lightest colour on the palette to sweep under my brow to highlight. Sometimes I will add a line of liner with a little flick for night time, but usually I just add mascara and that’s it. See, super easy! And you can use any dark brown (I have blue eyes and I like the colour combination, but dusky green is a new favourite too). In the pic above, I went for a nightime look so I layered a bit more colour on my upper lashes and gave it a good blend. It just adds a bit more drama for evening.
So have a go at my smokey eye hack and see what you think? Send me your pics too or tag me in instagram (styleisleirl).
Top worn in image is from Miss Selfridge – shop it here!