Smirnoff Yours For The Making

The Smirnoff Yours for the Making campaign challenges Ireland to make more of our free time by trying something new on nights out. The brand has brought together a Collective of the most creative and innovative nightlife experts, including Dirty Epics front woman Sarah-Jane Wai O’Flynn, to uncover extraordinary nights. Club promoters, night owls and partygoers are being called upon to fuel the search by tweeting their suggestions for new nights to @SmirnoffGB_IRE using #yoursforthemaking. Be it the next silent disco or rubiks cube party, Smirnoff will reward the best submissions by bringing the proposed nightlife ideas into reality.

Smirnoff Glitter Ball


To celebrate the launch of this search and to encourage consumers to make the most of the extra hour, Smirnoff has created a giant mirror ball suspended over London.  Sarah Jane Wai O’Flynn who attended the impromptu set by DJ Maya Jane Coles under the mirror ball, commented, “With an extra hour this weekend, it’s a great opportunity for people to get out and make the most of their night.  I am really excited to be involved in the Smirnoff Yours for the Making campaign in Ireland to find the next big thing in nightlife, I can’t wait to start seeing the ideas coming through and hopefully getting to see some of these ideas become a reality.”


Situated in the centre of London, the giant Smirnoff mirror ball marks the clocks going back this weekend and calls on the 80% of Irish who plan to sleep for longer, to make the most of their extra hour. With over half the population likely to forget the clocks going back all together, the world’s largest mirror ball spinning is not just a bold reminder to set our clocks but also to feel inspired to try something new.