Very simple and easy hummus recipe

hummus receipe

I have been searching for a good hummus recipe for a while. I love hummus as a snack and I have been dying to try and make it for some time, so as Sunday seems to be my cooking day, I decided to give it a try this week. I didn’t actually realise, as a novice cook I should add, that you really don’t need a recipe and I could have pretty much guessed the contents and mush it together. But I found a great one on BBC Food which I have used! So how did I make it using this recipe?

This hummus recipe consists of…

hummus receipe

garlic, Chickpeas and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

One tin of chickpeas, 200g

Two small cloves of garlic, or one big one (this one is up to your tastebuds)

Two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

A dribble of water

Salt to taste

Teaspoon of cumin

Paprika for decoration!


What’s next?

Drain the chickpeas and give them a rinse in a sieve, then add to the blender, with all the other ingredients.

hummus receipe

Before the blender!

Now this hummus recipe, also includes Tahini (sesame seed paste) but I decided to make it without it, simply because I couldn’t find a low fat one. But tahini will make it taste better, so add in if you can find one you like! Blast all of this in the blender, and what you should have is a think dark yellow paste. One of the reasons I wanted to make hummus as opposed to buying it, is because I like to have control over what goes into my food. All the above are healthy ingredients! Use a spatula to pop the mixture into a nice serving dish, or in a plastic container for the fridge. Sprinkle the paprika on the top to finish!

I love to eat hummus with crusty bread or wholegrain toast! Enjoy!