Silver Hill Bedwear


I love being cosy at night. I think I’m a cold creature as nothing makes me happier than snuggling up in my bed after a long day. Oh how times have changed! With this cold and wet weather, being outside is not exactly inspiring. I am completely content under a duvet on the sofa on a winter’s afternoon, which is exactly what I am doing as I am writing this post. The difference is today I am wrapped up under ¬†Silver Hill duvet. Honestly, I’ve no idea how I am going to leave this oasis of warmth to even make the short walk to my bed later!

Silver Hill was established in 1962 in Monaghan and since then, they have become one of Ireland’s most recognised brands for exceptional duvets and pillows. Each pillow is handcrafted and contains down that makes your slumber more comfortable when you lay your head to rest. The casing is cotton, which I think helps to balance your temperature at night. Complementing that is the 100% down duvet (I have 13.5 tog which I think works all year round and not just for Winter); this reminds me of hotel duvets which are always way nicer than your own! As a supplier to lots of 5 star hotels around the world, Silver Hill now make it possible to have that experience at home. The pillows come in a choice of 100% duck down or the Cloud Nine (down and feathers). Duvets range from single to super king.

Not only are these a lovely, luxurious duvets and pillows to have at home, I think they would make for a lovely wedding gift. I always struggle to find nice and original gift ideas for my friends, so add Silver Hill to your list of gift options.

For more information, you can check out the Silver Hill website.