bows and frills

Trends this season have gotten just a bit pretty haven’t they? Ruffles, bows and frills adorn most of what we see on the shop floors. Now, it’s not for everyone I know that, but if you are even thinking about adding some detail to your summer wardrobe then these are a nice touch. They key to getting the look right is to keep the detail to one piece. So if it’s a top, then look for sleeve or neckline details and keep the rest of your outfit simple. The features become your accessories built in so you want to show them off and let them do the work for you. 

If you are going for dresses, then you can take your pick of occasion or day wear that incorporate the trend. I love playsuits for beach wear in soft fabrics that will be great cover ups over swimwear as well as looking good heading out for dinner with a wedge heel. Colour is plentiful, and you can see from the below edit that you can choose from neutral tones right up to vibrant shades. Something tells me in the sunshine, bright pinks and yellows will work best. You can save the darker shades for the cold days of winter. 

Bows are a cute detail on shoes and bags, but clothing hasn’t missed out either. From a simple tie on a vest to belts and ties over dresses, these are less obvious than their friend the frill and can be a good “beginner” trend. I’ve trawled the  internet to find some of the best pieces out there which are good foundation pieces to get you started. You can click the images below to take you directly to the page for each brand. 

Let the frill be with you. x