Selfridges team up with Primark. Just boys for now.

Yep you heard rights. Selfridges have announced that it is to team up with Primark Menswear (Penneys to we Irish) to launch a capsule collection firstly in the Bullring in Birmingham today and then onto more stores throughout the UK. This is a new move for the high end department store who traditionally only stocked high end designers and the upper end of the high street brands. Tapping into the monetary success of Primark in the UK, providing accessible and low cost clothing for women, men and children, I can see why Selfridges want a piece of the pie. Given that retail growth is pretty non existent at the moment, Selfridges along with its department store counterparts, must be feeling the pinch. So this is a new move with a view to boosting footfall and ultimately the cash figure on the balance sheet.

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