Schiaparelli Autumn Winter 2014



I mean, like, wow. Who else can produce a show like this. Schiaparelli  Autumn Winter 2014 that’s who. Elsa’s vision lives on through Marco Zanini who’s creativity embodies everything that the label was known for. Schiaparelli Autumn Winter 2014

The collection represents a strong woman, one who knows her own style and isn’t afraid to explore fashion. I think this strength is channelled through structure and heavier, luxurious fabrics. Take for instance the coat below and it’s animal print or even the pink gown with the “ES” motif; they are powerful. The collection is fearless.

Schiaparelli Autumn Winter 2014


Sometimes when I think about couture, I seem to default to Dior and Chanel with it’s classic looks which are albeit slightly more commercial. But having seen Schiaparelli Autumn Winter 2014, my imagination is opting for the diversion towards boldness and authority. Style and structure are equidistant now. And hopefully it will stay that way.

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