Ruby & Frost…my latest addiction


You know twitter is such an amazing phenomenon. I find out all the latest news, both fashion and other, via twitter but more importantly, I find new brands. I discovered Ruby & Frost not too long ago.



Above: Mood Boards for each collection on the website


Ruby & Frost has just been founded and managed by Roz Flanagan and Sara de la Torre. For both individuals Ruby & Frost represents the consolidation of many years of experience in the fashion and business industries. Roz has over 10 years of experience in fashion design, marketing and graphic design within the fashion/creative industry. Equally Sara brings a decade of experience as an entrepreneur and businesswoman in the City. Together they represent and ideal skill‐set to turn Ruby & Frost into a long‐lasting and successful business.

Roz and Sara joined forces when neither of them could find high quality hair accessories, no matter how hard they tried, at a reasonable cost. Roz adds: “We came up with the Ruby & Frost hair accessories concept having exhausted all the UK shops and online stores … and we wanted to bring a sense of style and luxury back to the modern world of hair design”. When discussing the reach of their accessories, Sara comments that “Ruby & Frost accessories don’t only serve the British public, but also a discerning international market that appreciate the highest standard of craftsmanship ‐ quality pieces that last”.

RUBY & FROST´s web site ( has extensive range of  stunning  headbands, barrettes, claw clips, pins and combs for any  hair texture  and style.  All RUBY & FROST pieces are made using  luxurious materials  and embellishments which are hand finished to  ensure a high level of  finishing.

The range consists of six collections, each of them representing a   particular lifestyle:

– Free Spirits – Boho and hippy-chic hair designs for liberal  minds.  Inspiration: the fashionista. Think peacocks in the countryside adorned with jewels!

– Cheeky Chicks – Trendy pieces in the quirkiest flavour for those  who  are not afraid of standing out.  Inspiration: the woman from  the  media / creative sectors. This is definitely my favourite and the collection I relate to the most (I wonder why???)

– Love Me Darlings – Romantic hairpieces to bring happiness to  your  heart.  Inspiration: the delicate woman, the mum. I think these are even appropriate as an alternative wedding hair piece for the blushing bride.

– Style Queens – Elegant hair accessories to be taken seriously.    Inspiration: the business woman. For the serious fashionista among us!

– White Magnolias – Vintage style accessories that flatter and   sparkle.  Inspiration: the bride.

Above: Perhaps my favourite piece on the site.


I love the entrepreneurship of these ladies and fusing craftsmanship and design, Ruby & Frost will give you as close to bespoke hair apparel as you can get.


– Basics – All the base accessories you’ll need to create any style  –  high quality with enhanced grip and ease of use with only two  hands!