River Island AW13. It’s gonna be awesome.

I’m not really a fan of the word awesome, but I cannot find another word which describes my fashion-love for the new Autumn Winter collection from River Island. Showcased to the press yesterday, it’s full of awesome textures, awesome shapes, awesome fabrics and just lot’s of awesomeness. Now I am making up words. Sorry, I’m tired.

Taking inspiration from what seems to be the lovechild of Dries Van Noten and Jenna Lyons, clashing is the key trend. Luxurious sweatshirts (not for the gym) in leatherette, brocade and cotton, sounds like quite the combination but when you see it, feel it and wear it, it more than works. Match these up with some printed trousers, or PU leggings and you have yourself a deadly look for next season. Neoprene is another fabric which makes an appearance in shift dresses and styles with a skater skirt in hues of blue, especially royal blue. And let’s not forget about the mens. Coats are to lust for, and I am hoping that the wool coat with a biker jacket layer comes in an extra small so I can add it to my wardrobe. River Island always excel at accessories from studded bags to stilettos (not going anywhere by the way so hang onto the ones you got for SS13) and the addition of actual, wearable, thigh high boots. Thank goodness someone has made practical ones that look good with a casual dress and long jumpers.

It maybe still Summer and River Island have yet to go into their eagerly anticipated sale (you know that tent outside the Grafton St store, yeah that’s mine), but next season will start to drop this month so watch out for some awesomeness.