Rain rain go away. Oh I love Hunter.


Honestly, who said wellies were only for festivals? Whoever it was, YOU WERE WRONG! (Warning, there will be a lot of block capitals in this blog post). It might be the weekend of Electric Picnic but given the monsoon that Mother Nature has bestowed upon this these last few days, wellies are now a requirement for Autumnal city dwelling. Probably one of the most rotten August days we’ve ever had, yesterday was also the day I gave myself the name drowned rat. Whoever may have encountered my soaking self, would have seen that my fashion credibility was certainly brought into question. Except for one thing: MY CLEMENTINE HUNTER WELLIES! They brightened up my otherwise incredibly dreary person, as I splashed my way around the city trying to perform a normal days work.



On my way out yesterday

Hunter are a staple for festivals, but now that we are living in what can only described as the wettest place on Earth (not Forks , the town in the Twilight movies). The great thing about Hunter is they make waterproof attire that is fashionable and works with a stylish wardrobe on those horrid wet days. I chose clementine as they are a summery colour for dull months which will make my black parka look extra sparkly once we hit Winter (or even October, who knows when the snow will come).