Printed trousers.

I have been in London over the last few days attending press days and meeting with some amazing people who want to work with me before the year is out, which is super news (and more to come for 2013!). While sitting in various coffee shops observing the style, I have being taking notes on some of the hottest trends on the street. I should also mention I am looking for inspiration for changing up my look a little.

While sitting next to the lovely Gillian Harding-Moore, MD of Fashion GPS at The Industry Event with Eudon Choi on Wednesday evening, I noticed that Gillian was wearing the most stunning pair of printed cropped trousers. Paired with a cream chiffon blouse and classic blazer, her look was chic and effortless. I was totally inspired and went hunting for a pair of said trousers for myself. I came across these lovely ones from Warehouse, which are currently in store and I think they will just have to make their way into my wardrobe, like…today. These ones are really versatile and a good pair to start off with, monochrome is a great base for any statement piece! And I need an alternative to skinny jeans! Before I start to experiment with colour and textures, I’ll opt for black and white to start me off! I should also add an aside, I am LOVING leather pants right now too!

Warehouse printed trousers