Philosophy Skin Care!

philosophy skincare e

Cristina Carlino, philosophy founder, first pioneered the now internationally renowned lunchtime peel that has become a celebrity favourite since it first hit the beauty scene over a decade ago. And it’s not just her amazing peels that have me raving about the brand, it’s the dramatic effects of the whole Philosophy skin care routine that have made my tired skin look glowing again. And it really is simple: cleanse, peel, treat. And here is how to do it.

philosophy skincare

1) Cleanse

Begin with purity made simple to effectively melt away make-up and daily grime.  This is a lovely smooth texture that you apply to your whole face and remove gently with cotton pads.

2) Peel

This is followed by one of the philosophy clinical proven peel treatments such as the microdelivery peel ‘2-step’ system where vitamin c crystals are applied to the skin followed by a peel activator, to dramatically reduce the appearance of pigmentation and signs of ageing. This classic at-home, non-invasive skin peel treatment will effectively and gently remove dead surface cells and deliver skin-loving ingredients into the skin. I’ve been using the peel just once a week and my skin feels soft and firm after using it.

3) Treat

The skin is next treated to the philosophy time in a bottle for eyes to promote skin’s natural rejuvenation and protection from all major types of dna damage. A conditioning treatment is then applied to lock in moisture and keep skin hydrated and velvety soft, such as the iconic award-winning hope in a jar.

I also love that the products last for ages, and after about six weeks of use, I am thrilled with the results. Also to mention, the Philosophy skin care range is not expensive, with the cleanser being under €25. Cleansers are the one thing we go through the quickest too. Give it a try!