Penneys Silk Shirt Dress

The weather has been beautiful in Dublin thus far in October, so this Penneys silk shirt has been a regular outfit choice of mine. There has been no need for the heavy coats yet. I think the appeal of a shirt dress is its ability to do a few things style wise. I decided to go for the over-jeans option; so styling it like a tunic top. The other option is to go for the dress look and wear with opaque tights, all the while bearing in mind you may need to wear a slip just for some extra coverage .
Lorna Weightman wears Penneys Silk Shirt Dress Lorna Weightman wears Penneys Silk Shirt Dress

I’m also delighted by the fact that it’s boot-wearing time of year. These ones from Zara I have had for about two years and I try and keep them for “good wear” considering they are a bit high. But I love that they have a wider fit on the ankle which is incredibly flattering on your legs. This bag has been with me every day since I got it; Guess know how to make a practical, everyday shoulder bag, and this one you can get at Arnotts. It also works as a cross body too. I’m actually heading to Milan next month for my wedding anniversary so this one will be coming along with me.

Lorna Weightman wears Penneys Silk Shirt Dress

Lorna Weightman wears Penneys Silk Shirt Dress

I do need to mention these jeans which are from Paige denim. They are a few years old now, but not once have they lost their colour or fit even after a few hundred washes. It does prove that a premium denim range will last you a long time. I reckon they are good match with the Penneys silk shirt dress, but I’m also going to try it with some leather look leggings to when the weather gets colder.

As for what I am up to, this day was a bit busy; shooting a few different outfit pics with the amazing photographer Brid O’Donovan who is responsible for the outfit posts I have been doing recently. I’ve also lightened my hair a good bit to make it more ashy; the team at Preen Hair & Beauty Dublin are responsible for my barnet and I love going there. It’s super relaxing and they always know what to do with my cut and colour when I don’t know what to do! I trust them implicitly!

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