OOTD in Boston (Part One!)

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I have just returned from a long weekend in Boston where I was working on a really fun OOTD project with Primark (more of that later in the week) and honestly, it was one of the best trips I’ve ever had. The weather was perfectly Spring-like with bright blue skies punctuated by the high rise buildings across the city skyline, and a light breeze in the air. Perfect for combatting jet lag. Unlike now, where I am battling the need to sleep to overcome the time difference as quickly as I can.


Friday morning I went on a tour of the new Primark store in Downtown Crossing and so I needed to be comfortable, but chic to meet the US Manager of Primark and the Store Manager, both of whom were exceptionally lovely people and excited that I was in town to work with the brand. Packing for a long weekend is tough, but when you are this far away from home in unreliable weather, well, you simply need to pack a bit of everything really! I went for my dungarees which I haven’t worn in ages, but I am seeing them everywhere now so it was time to get them out again. Plus, since I have lost a little weight, I feel more confident wearing these as they can gather along the tummy area. Over that is my current favourite; a leather jacket from Warehouse. I got endless compliments from passers by in Boston on my jacket. I love it, and it’s perfect for calmer, warmer weather. On my feet are a new purchase from Dune; these slip on sneakers have tassles (very Gucci might I add) and they are incredibly comfortable. I love  a fancy sneaker that you can dress up or down!



Dungarees, New Look

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Shoes, Dune London


Anyway, I’ll have lot’s more on my trip to come over the week including my Primark vlog!